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Discover the Hottest Trend: Permanent Jewelry

The trend of permanent jewelry is here to stay, and it's not difficult to see why!

This jewelry style has gained popularity for its unique look and the experience that comes with it. Inspired by the friendship bracelets from the 70's, permanent jewelry is now sleek, sophisticated, and made of precious metals such as 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as platinum.

Permament Jewelry, Friendship Bracelet, Diamond Charm, Heart, Star, Stackable Rings

The popularity of permanent jewelry has been amplified by fashion influencers on social media. Permanent jewelry hashtags have gone viral and have garnered million views and counting, while pop-up events and bracelet bars have been selling out in record time. Some fine jewelry boutiques now cater exclusively to permanent jewelry customers.

So, what is permanent jewelry?

This unique style involves welding custom length chains onto a person's wrist, neck, or ankle, and it's a painless, quick, and easy process. Unlike traditional jewelry that can be easily taken off or removed, permanent jewelry is designed to be worn continuously without being taken off. The result is a beautiful and personalized piece that can symbolize the bonds of love, friendship, and commitment.

Ready to add permanent jewelry to your offerings? Learn about everything you need to get started with our how-to guide, including a pulse-arc welder, custom length chains, jump rings, and dangles and charms. Don't forget about displays to showcase your options.


Permanent jewelry essentials, a quick step-by-step tutorial

Tools Needed:

    1. Pulse Arc Welder - This is a type of welding machine that is used to create permanent bonds between metal pieces. It produces a high-intensity pulse of electric current that melts the metal at the point of contact, creating a strong bond. This machine is essential for creating permanent jewelry.

    Permanent Jewelry, Pulse Arc Welder, Pliers, Bracelet, Clasp

      2. Custom Length Chains - These are chains that are cut to the desired length for the necklace or bracelet. The length of the chain depends on the size of the person's neck or wrist. You can find custom length chains at jewelry supply stores.

      Permanent Jewelry, Chain By The Inch, Bracelets, Custom Made

        3. Jump Rings - Jump rings are small metal rings that are used to connect different parts of the jewelry together. They come in different sizes and shapes, and you will need them to connect the charms and links to the chain.

        Permanent Jewelry, Jump Rings, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold

          4. Charms and Links - Charms and Links are small decorative pieces that are added to the chain to give it a unique look. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be made of metal, glass, or other materials.

          Permanent Jewelry, Dangle, Charms, Heart, Champagne, Flower, Strawberry

            Steps to Make a Permanent Necklace or Permanent Bracelet:

            • Step 1: Choose your chain - Select the custom length chain that you want to use for your necklace. Measure the length of the chain to ensure that it fits properly around the neck or wrist.
            • Step 2: Add the jump rings - Attach the jump rings to the chain using the pulse arc welder. The jump rings will be used to attach the charms to the chain.
            • Step 3: Add the charms or links - Use the jump rings to attach the charms to the chain. Make sure that the charms are evenly spaced and that they do not hang too low.
            • Step 4: Test the necklace or bracelet - Once you have finished adding the charms, test the piece to make sure that it fits properly and that the charms are secure. Make any necessary adjustments to the length of the chain or the placement of the charms.

            Show off your unique style!

            To get started, create a designated space for your permanent jewelry services, and have various styles of chain by the inch readily available in precious metals like yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as platinum and sterling silver. Our Charms and Beads Collection has affordable and sparkling styles that your customers will love.

            For a clean and safe weld, use a pulse arc welder, which can handle a variety of jobs. And for a quick start, there are a variety of permanent jewelry welding starter kits available that have everything you need, including tinted welding glasses, a practice stainless steel chain, skin protection pad, cutter, and pliers. Make sure that you and your customers wear the protective tinted welding glasses while using the pulse arc welder.

            Permanent Jewelry, Bracelet Bar, Display, Tangle-Free, Heart Bracelet, Stackable

            Lastly, presentation is everything. Be sure to carry a few beautiful displays to showcase your options. The easier you make it easy for customers to browse your selection and mix and match, the easier it will be to close the sale.

            Adding permanent jewelry to your shop can be a great way to increase revenue and gain repeat customers. Whether you're a new designer or an established jeweler, there is much to gain from a permanent jewelry collection. Visit our Charm and Chain collections to get inspired and learn more today!

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